Bio: Born in 1958 to Italian-American parents in Staten Island, NYC, NY I grew up soaking in all the delicious tastes, sounds, and cultures of having all my Grandparents who were born in Southern Italy and Sicily become part of my daily American living. This great mix of cultures helped me form a real bond with good food, traditions, family, friends, local culture and eventually to the stove where I love to recreate the foods of my youth. My high school sweetheart and I have been married since 1982 and we have two awesome girls who were both born in China. My Irish-German-American wife and my heritage form a wonderful melting pot from which I create the dishes I share with you in this blog. In addition to that we love to travel and all those experiences, for my business travel and family travel all find their way onto a very noisy stove top, counter, and oven. It's important to remember your past and heritage and to constantly add to it with new dishes and experiences. Come on my journey with me and I hope you take all of the fun I have and share it with yourself and your friends and family too.

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26 thoughts on “About

    1. A FOOD OBSESSION Post author

      Pizza stones are very good, however, i don’t use one myself…too lazy to go buy one yet..lol. you don’t “need” one in order to make good pizza in your oven, i use restaurant sheet pans..

      1. lorithecook

        Thank you and I was wondering about your sheet pans, where can I find them? I made a mistake and threw all of mine out because they were old and ‘crappy’ looking. My heart breaks every time I think about all the treasures my Mom gave to me and I tossed because they did not LOOK pretty.

      2. A FOOD OBSESSION Post author

        forget pretty, that just looks good in pix..they never get ruined…it’s their gauge that makes them so versatile..any restaurant supply store will have them, Restaurant Depot for sure, as well as sometimes in BJ’s or COSTCO…they have to be the restaurant ones though, they handle high heat without burning the food like a home kitchen sheet pan will.

      1. Sheri Eaves

        Thank you for posting these recipes. I live with my 86 year old italian mother, who still works full time by the way. I believe that’s got a lot to do with her longevity. I’m 50/50. We grew up mainly around the American side, so she and I reading your blog and recipes are wonderful

      1. karenomara

        Va bene! Aspetto la ricetta per le Fritte con Broccoli e Prosciutto! Io anche preparo fritte: la mia favorita e una fritta con melanzane e basilico. Grazie.

  1. simplysusanmarie

    I’m really enjoying your recipes. Seems our families shared the same love of good Italian and other food. So happy to have you in my recipe sharing group.

  2. Zest4Food

    Hi, I came across your blog. Great work! Interesting content and nice pictures. I followed your blog. I enjoy to read blogs from people around the world and get inspired by other bloggers recipes. I am a food blogger from Canada, and I invite you to visit/follow my blog at: https://zest4foodblog.wordpress.com. Cheers, Angelika

  3. Joseann Morella

    First time visiting her post website I hope you’re still active with this site recipes that I need to know about

  4. Bob McConnell

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.
    I have been cooking since I was eight – now 80.
    I love every moment in the kitchen.
    Spending hours in the kitchen as a little boy, causing trouble, but learning so much.
    Thank you again for sharing your fine recipes.
    Bob McConnell


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