IMG_0027  The commercials on TV are popping corks, the bubbles from the Champagne and Sparkling Wines are tickling your nostrils and face.  Trays of nibbles of various sizes are displayed for the taking around you or they are whisked to your face by servers who dart in and out of the party space keeping you satiated and happy.  You want for nothing, except maybe more to drink…a shot, a cocktail, a wine, a flute of champagne.  It’s party season and we are approaching  what’s either anticipated or loathed, we are approaching  NEW YEAR’S EVE.  Think what you will about it, it’s another excuse to let loose, enjoy one’s self or quietly relax.  I’ve been through Guy Lombardo years which for sure were as much New Year’s Eve as that wonderful Ball in Times Square. ( Ok  Click on the link for what was the last of an era, Lombardo’s last New Year’s Eve show which WAS THE show to watch for almost 50 years.  Of course concurrently was the upcoming New Year’s Rockin Eve   (  hosted by the late Dick Clark which we were always switching back and forth on because suddenly New Year’s Eve had 2 show that had to be watched, one for us youngster…(ok, i was a kid back then) and one for the parents and grandparents, the Guy Lombardo show, but we respected it because it was the only show for so many years.  After Lombardo’s passing Dick Clark’s show became THE show to have on if you weren’t going to be out at a party. For many years my wife and I and other family members attended the New Year’s Party at the old Assumption Columbian Lyceum in Staten Island, like Dick Clark and Guy Lombardo, it no longer exists.  Great memories and every year you get a chance to create new ones, whatever they may be..a cup of tea and cookies…a tray of Jello Shots….a huge party ..a small gathering, you alone, or with a ton of people..but it’s another chance to create a New Year’s Memory.  I hope nothing but the best for all of you and to make it even more delicious don’t you think you should be eating something fun and tasty?  I think so.

MAKES: about 2 doz or a little less                     TIME: 1/2 hour

2 loaves of good ITALIAN BREAD, sliced on the bias (slanted cut) in no more than 1/4 inch slices.

3 tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 finely minced cloves of Garlic

1 cup cooked Tomato sauce, preferably one that contains no meat or fish

1 tsp. dried Oregano

pinch of salt

pinch of fresh ground black pepper

2 tbs. freshly grated PECORINO ROMANO or PARMIGIANO REGGIANO cheese

Heat the olive oil gently in a saucepan. when you feel some heat coming off the oil add the garlic..they will gently give up their flavor to the oil. There will be slight sizzling as long as you don’t have the flame or setting too high.  Remove from the heat when you smell that wonderful garlic aroma.  Turn on the stove to 400 degrees F.

Line a baking sheet with foil.  Place all the cut bread on the sheet and toast for 5 minutes, or until they turn golden.  Remove from the oven.  Now brush the other un toasted sides of the bread with the garlic oil.  Place into the oven for 5 minutes.  While that is happening, heat up the sauce until it’s just warm.  Remove the tray from the oven and place just about 1 tsp. of sauce on the middle of the oiled crostini.  when complete, place in the the oven again until they are just golden brown on the sides (see the pic).  Remove from the oven and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, a little oregano, and some grated cheese.  Let sit for 5 minutes, then serve.

Not a difficult one but really, it’s not too’s some ingredients you probably already have on hand, nothing exotic or stressworthy and LOTS of delicious flavor.

As full as the flavor in these crostini are may your New Year be full as well..Enjoy your holiday and thanks for following me and supporting my blog.  CHEERS!!!!

to make this VEGAN..omit the cheese..


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